Julian Pencilliah

Author of The Jetstream of Success

Julian Pencilliah is an entrepreneur, investor and author who displays both the attitude and aptitude towards business evaluation. He now seeks to share his intellectual framework and guiding principles to transform both life and business into a richer and ever fulfilling experience, through The Jetstream of Success and The Intellectual Diamond.

The Jetstream Of Success & The Intellectual Diamond Books

The Jetstream Of

Imagine a journey that would ignite the magic of you, leaving you in awe of your sheer magnificence. It is one that can piece together an ever-fuller understanding of yourself, articulating a quest to define and re-define monumental discoveries within your potential, allowing you to become more acutely aware of the passage of time. A journey that will expand your thought into uncharted dimensions, one that will take you to a place where heaven embraces the earth, where your soul touches your humanity.

There are eternal truths that have been apparent from lifetimes before and will be apparent for lifetimes to come and these truths oscillate as jet streams, pulsating through every culture across the world. I invite you to embark on a journey with me, a journey of self-discovery. This journey will reveal infinite truths through the illusion of your psyche. Truths that are even unknown to the author and can only be discovered through you from moment to moment.

The Jetstream of Success- Wave of Desire


Super achievers are those who schooled themselves to jump from one reality to another. That leap is everything; it’s where their genius lies. They access this threshold for monumental self-discovery. They stand on the surfboard of time and maneuver the expression of their souls, their desires, their transcendence of thinking and feeling into miraculous achievements. They seem to understand the more they awaken their greater soul, the greater the experience of life will be revealed. How do they transcend their thinking and feeling to the portal that awakens possibility?

"Surf Through Your Sacredness"
-Julian Pencilliah